Betscope has three features/value propositions that help sports bettors make the most intelligent and profitable betting decisions they can.

Market Analyzer

The market analyzer is a tool to assess which markets on each game present the most favorable betting opportunities independent of the bettor’s beliefs on what will happen in the game. The market analyzer loads prices for every betting market (spreads, totals, moneyline, player/team props) across every US sportsbook. It calculates the implied totals from each market and identifies what the sharp consensus implied totals are for each market. It scans each market for special conditions when the odds and/or prices at two or more sportsbooks are different enough from one another, resulting in favorable opportunities to bet one or both sides of the market under favorable conditions. The specific conditions the market analyzer is able to detect are:

  • Arbitrage opportunities: players can bet one side of a market at one sportsbook and the other side of a market at a separate sportsbook and lock in a guaranteed profit when the prices are different enough for the same line.
  • Outlier lines: one sportsbook’s price is significantly different than the sharp market consensus, suggesting the line is stale and provides good betting value.
  • Split lines: when the implied totals for a market are different across two or more sportsbooks by a significant amount, allowing the user to bet either side of the market.
  • Low-hold line: when the synthetic hold on a market is less than 1% across two or more sportsbooks.

Correlations Engine

The correlations engine is a tool to discover the full range of a bettor’s beliefs on all markets for a game. It takes the implied totals calculated in the market analyzer and asks the user to select which implied totals and/or lines they think are different. The correlations engine then calculates what all the other markets should be, based on the markets the bettor thinks are different.

The correlations engine is based on historical patterns of correlations between markets within a game. It leverages model-based pattern recognition to determine other likely outcomes conditional on other outcomes being correct.

ROI Calculator

The ROI calculator is a tool that highlights the best markets to bet on once they know their full range of beliefs. It takes the implied totals derived in the correlations engine across all available markets in a game and compares them to every price in every US sportsbook. It then calculates the expected return for every market for every book and ranks each potential bet according to its expected return on investment. The ROI calculator also provides immediate links to each book and each market, allowing a frictionless experience for bettors to place their bets instantly.