MLB is Live!

Betscope now supports baseball markets, one of many future sports we will be supporting.

By | May 09, 2022

We know this newsletter has been silent for a while, but it’s for good reason: we’ve been hard at work building out our infrastructure for all of the future sports we plan to support at Betscope. And we’re happy to announce our first one is finally complete: Betscope now supports baseball! You can check out our layout for MLB in our regular games menu and see what we have to offer.

We’ll have a ton more to say about the differences between baseball and basketball in the future- how the correlations are different, how the markets are different, anid general ways on how to attack baseball. The fundamentals remain the same, though- always be hypersensitive to price, identity discrepancies in the markets, and get your money in where you know you’re getting a favorable price. But for now, if you’re familiar with how to use Betscope for NBA, you should be in a great spot to continue exactly what you’re doing and give MLB a try. Go take a look today! And as always, our Discord community has been great at asking questions and providing helpful feedback to make our product better, so if you haven’t joined yet, hop on in. We look forward to writing more about how to add another sport to your arsenal of finding profitable spots in the sports betting market.