Betting Intelligence for Intelligent Bettors

Assess All Markets for Every Game

  • Get all lines and implied totals for every market for every game.
  • Identify markets with price discrepancies to attack.

Find Your Full Range of Betting Beliefs

  • Input the lines you think should be different.
  • Find the correlated outcomes with your changes in the lines.

Attack The Market At Its Weakest Points

  • Find the expected return for every bet at every book on your full range of beliefs.
  • Bet on your beliefs through the markets that give you your highest return on investment.

Betscope is Built by Colin Davy

Colin Davy on Jeopardy

Colin is the former director of data science at The Action Network and a two-time hackathon winner at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. He has used data to create winning tools for sports bettors, drive value in companies, and to become a Jeopardy champion.